Thursday, 13 December 2012

Quick #notd

 A very quick nail of the day post from me, as I'm trying to get in the festive mood and I love this more sophisticated work friendly take on 'sparkle'. 

On the nail is elf 'Dark Navy', topped with a coat of Revlon 'Sequins' finished with Leighton Denny 'Crystal Finish'.

I love dark short nails particularly in winter but it is nearly Christmas after all and during one of my little wanders around Boots at the weekend I saw that it was 3 for 2 on Revlon makeup, and with any 3 purchases you got this free 'Sequin' polish. That is FREE people and obviously the 3 other items I HAD to buy were a necessity. Let me tell you it was not hard to buy 3 Revlon make up products (but that is a whole other post coming shortly). I knew as soon as I got it that it would look great on top of the 'Dark Navy' already in my collection!

OK so I have to tell you about the top coat as well. You may be can you get so excited about something so boring! But the search for the perfect top coat has been ongoing. I want high shine and a smooth finish and I also want my nail varnish to last longer than one day. Until I found this, I had not found it. 

I have seen this on a couple of blogs and thought I'd give it a go, but it is quite pricey at £11 for one bottle and I picked this beauty up in M&S (also a surprise). This is without a doubt the best top coat I have ever used and definitely ticks all the boxes, so until I find one that is even better this will continue to be gracing my little fingers.

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

An Ikea Hack & Pic Pack Instagram Magnets

As I discussed in a post a little while a goI have been decorating my spare room and one of the things I was keen to do was put together a place to display some photos, important invites and inspiration. 

I had seen when doing one of my frequent wanders around Ikea for storage inspiration that they had covered one of their 'Spontan' magnet boards in fabric before hanging it up and I knew that this is what I wanted to do in the spare room on the side of my wardrobe. 

So the project began, and I had a couple of important questions to answer; how was I going to hang it, and how was I going to mount the fabric?

Because I eventually wanted to hang the board on the side of my wardrobe I needed to find a way to hang it that didn't involve large nails or tacks. I have used Command Strips a couple of times for a few different things and saw that the large picture hanging strips would probably be the best option. They are so clever, and if used correctly enable you to display photos and even lighter mirrors without putting any holes in your wall, and can be taken off without marking!

I found the Ikea Hackers website in a google search and I soon worked out that the best way to get the fabric to adhere to the board would be using a glue gun, so a quick trip to hobby craft and I was set to get this underway.


Glue Gun
Glue Sticks
1 x Spontan magent board
1 metre of fabric from Ikea (can't find it on the website anymore)
1 pack of Command large picture hanging strips (not shown)


  1. Cut the fabric so that it will cover the magnet board and of course wrap over the sides and the back. I cut the fabric approximately 2 inches taller and wider on each side of the board to allow for this. (picture below).
  2. Following  the instructions given with the Command Strips I placed each of them on the back edge of the board
  3. Iron the fabric to get rid of any creases.
  4. I folded the fabric over, and where it covered the strips I cut around it so that the Command Strips were exposed. It is important to do this as neatly as possible as you do not want frayed fabric to show on the side of your board when it is hanging. 
  5. Once the glue gun was hot enough, I placed the glue directly on the Board and patted the fabric gently (as the glue is hot) down onto it. You have to do this quite quickly as the glue cools rapidly, so best to do it little bit by little bit.
  6. Remember to keep your fabric as tense as possible so that you don't get any wrinkles
  7. The hardest bit was definitely the corners but I folded them like I was wrapping a present to get the neatest lines, and glued each section down.     
  8. Once I was sure the glue was set I took the board up to where I was going to mount it, and following the instructions on the Command Strip packet stuck it to the side of my wardrobe.

This took me no longer than an hour to do, and around an hour for the adhesive on the Command Strips to set before it could be hung up. So a very easy, and quick way of personalising something that could otherwise be so boring. I love the way that the roses look like they are climbing up the board! 

So all I needed now were some magnets so that I could display a few treasured items. I saw these Pic Pack Instagram magnets on Lily's blog and knew that they would look great on my board as well as giving it even more of a personalised touch. 

The programme on Pic Pack gains access to your instagram account (with your permission of course) and you select 12 of you favourite photos to upload onto the website. You proof them, then and there and for the small sum of 18 Euros (around £14) these are delivered to you. They do take a while to be delivered as they come from Europe but they were definitely worth it and I've had some great comments on them! I think they would make a great gift for any instagram addict, but the wait for delivery means you will need to get ordering quickly if you want them for Christmas.

I hope you like my Ikea Hack. Have you managed to personalise anything recently?



Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Instagram Memories #1

I have always loved seeing peoples Instagram and photo diaries on their blogs so thought I would share some of the recent things that I've been snapping, over my birthday and this festive period so far.

 Some Christmas Decoration Inspiration from John Lewis /// Making the work phone a little more interesting

Some amazing Christmas decorations in the John Lewis Christmas shop 


Festive evening at Bath Christmas Market /// The parents came to stay so I got in the provisions

New Birthday onsie and Christmas slipper socks getting snuggly /// First frost


The cheese monster from Pizza Provencale in Clifton - DELICIOUS!!! /// Enjoying some mulled wine at the Christmas market with the bestie

Monday, 10 December 2012

Christmas Tag!


I have found this Christmas Tag going around, and the first one I read was from Beauty Becky and it seems it originated from Georgina at Makeup-Pixi3 (credit to her for the picture), who I have also now subscribed to!

It is one of the first tags I've got involved in so I am excited to share it with you.

As a kid I loved Christmas (obviously) and every year I try to re-create a small amount of that magic, and this year I am getting crafty. Can't wait to show you a couple of things that I have been making to get my home looking festive. I've also been pinning like crazy on my Christmas pinterest board.

So let me tell you a little bit about why Christmas is still one of my favourite times of the year.

What is your favourite thing about Christmas?

Hot chocolate, mulled wine, hats and gloves, Christmas lights and champagne...lots of champagne.

What is your favourite make up look for the festive season?

All that glitters. I'm a firm believer that over the festive season the more glitter the better.

Real tree or fake tree?

100% real tree! Although we won't be getting one this year as we are going away for a week between Christmas and New Year and I don't want to come back to a dead tree so it will be the fake one for us this year.

Giving presents or receiving presents?

As a child it was always receiving presents of course and I still love the joy of a beautifully wrapped gift with my name on it, particularly if whats in it is from the approved birthday list! Although when we were younger we were all given a small sum of money, I think it was £10 to spend £5 on each of our siblings. I would spend a long time thinking about what to get them with my small fortune and opening them on Christmas eve, when we were all so EXCITED before the big man himself would show up.

As an adult I still get such great joy in searching for, wrapping and giving the perfect gift, something I think you can only appreciate when you are grown up. But I like to think that this came from my early appreciation of buying presents for my brother and sister.

Do you open your Christmas presents morning or evening?

Of course as Santa comes down the chimney very early Christmas morning, and leaves presents in your stocking these have to be opened as early as possible Christmas morning. 

But our tradition is that other presents from friends and family would be opened in the afternoon after lunch (well actually after the Queen's speech). I do really really like this, as it spreads out the excitement of Christmas day for that little bit longer. Testing when you are  7 years old that's for sure!

Handmade Christmas cards or bought?

If only there was time to hand make cards! Maybe one day, but for now it's shop brought Christmas cards. Often from the sales the year before ready for the next.

What is your favourite Christmas film?

Home Alone. Yesterday, today and tomorrow.

What is your favourite Christmas food?

David's nan makes the most amazing biscuit cake and every year she makes special Christmas versions which form the centre piece of David's parents Christmas table. She now makes us one, and I feel such pride when I use it as the centre piece for mine. As I said above, David and I are starting to make our own traditions and this feels like one. It is also AMAZING and we eat so much of it over the festive period!!!

I love this tag! It has gotten me even more excited for Christmas now! I tag all of you to do this and please link it below so I can read it.

Sunday, 9 December 2012

Christmas 'Stocking' Treats

This weekend a couple of lovely ladies came down to visit for my birthday, in order to thank them for their long drive and as a little pre-Christmas treat (I will be away over the festive period and won't see them) I wanted to put together a selection of beauty products for them, many of which I have seen on the blogs that I read with good reviews. 

From left to right

Lindt Balls  - these are AMAZING and any Christmas stocking is incomplete without a little sugary goodness.

Superdrug Calming Mud Mask

Balmi Lipbalms - in coconut and strawberry

Lush Sunnyside Bubble Bath Bars - these smell so good and foam up to create a luxurious bubbly glitter bath. Girl heaven!

Accessorize Bag Hooks

Kleenex Shine Absorbing Sheets

Natural Collection Polish - cosmic crush and red robin

Cath Kidston Notebooks - stationery of course

The girls were so excited to receive their little gift bags and loved all of the products. We had such a fun girly night doing our face masks and nails!  

 What would you put in a Christmas stocking for your friends this year?