Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Getting to know me - 5 post challenge

OK so time for post 2 of my Getting To Know Me series.

This one has proved to be quite difficult. Mainly because, and I'm going to throw it out here now, I'm not really a music person. My taste in music is questionable to say the least, and I am not the type of person that insists on having noise around me all the time, in fact I would prefer silence or an episode of friends/sex in the city in the background. I suppose it is just not something that I get excited about.

1. Always Something There to Remind Me - Dionne Warwick

Who didn't love Heartbeat on a Sunday night, a family friendly Police drama set in the Yorkshire dales. Great sixties fashion and a soundtrack to go with it. We had the Heartbeat album in the car on cassette (I know), and for some reason I just loved this song. Whenever it came on, I would want the music up full blast and would screech away. Inevitably the whole family joined in. So I suppose this reminds me of family nights around the tv and family road trips singing along. Good times.

2. Stronger - Kelly Clarkson

Just my favourite song of the moment, to my husbands despair when the radio goes on full blast and I sing at the top of my lungs. I just get a real sense of empowerment from the lyrics even though it is not a situation I can relate to, I know it is a situation some of closest friends can, so I suppose I sing it for them.

3. Never Forget - Take That

This song just happens to appear at key moments of my life. It was definitely one of the last songs that was played when I left sixth form, and university. It is a song my hockey team request at the end of every hockey festival that we attend over Easter and it has been played at the end of every Dinsdale family party and wedding, including my own.

At my own wedding, it was very strange. All of a sudden we were encircled by all of our friends, all singing at the top of their voices and there was just this huge sense of excitement, emotion and love - it was wonderful.

So I suppose it now has a great sentimental value to it, because this was honestly one of the happiest moments of my life.

4. Mr Brightside - The Killers

Who doesn't remember this song from many a student union night. It just honestly reminds me of fun, fun drunken times with my uni besties. Puts a smile on my face just thinking about it :-)

Sunday, 16 September 2012


It is less than a year since the hubby and I brought our first little house together in Bristol. We had the usual initial enthusiastic burst when it came to decorating and then the pot ran dry on both cash and enthusiasm. Life took over and a few things remained unfinished.

Well I am happy to report that the decorators are booked for tomorrow morning and the house will be finished by this time next week. You know what this planning means...lots and lots of looking around for inspiration to design the room. 

This is the best bit!!! 

I have been pinning like crazy on my dream home board on Pinterest, reading lots of home style magazines and catalogues and wandering round all types of shops looking for some design ideas. We don't have the biggest space so it is a balance of getting some great style with also the practicalities of storing all of our stuff and making sure it is well hidden but accessible. 

It is a guest bedroom, and I want to add some hotel style in a relaxing, calm and light room, after all I want my guests to be happy. We have decided on a pale blue colour, with cream accents, something quite neutral that I can add character to with accessories and some styling. 

So below are some of the photos that have inspired my/our future design. 

Hope that you like. 

 Can't wait to show you all the finished product.

Until next time...

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Skin Savers

Skin care is not easy for me, I have very dry and very sensitive skin so I tend to have to introduce things slowly and even things designed for sensitive or dry skin can cause a reaction which can be bit of bugger. As a result I tend to stick to what I know.

Over the last few weeks I have introduced and been using with great success the products pictured above; Boots Botanics Ultra Calm Serum, Garnier BB for sensitive skin and Avon's Anew Reversalist Night Cream.

I love the Botanics range and really like the re-designed package which I think is much more modern and fun than it was before. I've been wanting to try a serum for some time and to be honest had my eye on the No.7 version but at £22.00 I felt that I needed to save up a few more advantage points.
So I found this on the shelf, it is currently on an offer so is £4.99 and then when I checked the Advantage card machine I had a 300 points voucher for any purchase from the Botanics range, it is like it was meant to be.

The consistency is a little watery compared to some of the other serums I have tested on my hand but it smooths on easily to the face and is quickly absorbed which is great, because I did worry that it would sit around and make my face look greasy. I have been using it morning and night, as directed before putting on my moisturiser for a week now. My skin tone is definitely more even, my face is less dry and I think it is just genuinely looking in better condition.

I would buy it again, and would happily make it part of my everyday routine going forward, but next time I might buy a different serum and see if it makes a difference. It is definitely a good choice for a start.
It has also made me think that I want to have a better look at this ultra calm range given that I have had no negative skin reactions to the product, as well as a look at the facial oil and the Rosewater Toning Spritz from 2 of the other Botanics ranges which are getting such great reviews at the moment.

I'm afraid I am a bit behind when it comes to BB and the benefits of them. I have my favoured Bobbie Brown foundation, but it is dear and so I wanted something to wear to work, that would provide a little coverage and would be suitable for the working day. I work in a corporate environment so over the top make up is not really appropriate.

Again I have to be aware of the condition of my skin so chose the version for sensitive skin in the 'light'. What can I say, I love this product. Time is of the essence in the morning so the fact that this will moisturise and give me coverage is great. The coverage is sheer, but does even out my skin tone, and 2 light layers gives sufficient coverage for a work day and a great dewy glow. It also works well as a base for the make up that is already in my collection so definitely a great purchase. Again, a great first go at a BB, and I will be really keen to try another, perhaps from a more premium brand.

Anew Reversalist Night Renewal Cream

OK I'm not going to lie this is a cream for 40+ skin, which is obviously something I don't have but I found this on my mums dressing table and tried it and knew that I had to use it. When I purchased it off Avon I got a great discount, usually it costs £21.50 but I got it for £12.99 along with a complete miniture set of a Renew range, so definitely great value.

Because of who it is aimed at, it is really rich but given that it has around 8 hours to soak in that is not a problem for me and it is definitely helping me combat the dryness that I suffer with. I wake up in the morning with plump and very soft skin, giving the perfect base for my make up.

I think this shows you can't be too black and white with the use of products. Yes this is for 40+ skin but it works for me and certainly earns its place as a skin saviour!

Tell me what your skin saviours are, or if you have any products that are working for your dry and/or sensitive skin?

Until next time ...

Getting to know me - 5 post challenge

As I am a new blogger I thought it might be worth sharing a few things about myself to help you get to know me better. I'm sure that many of you are familiar with this tag, and hopefully it will give you a little insight into me.

1. I partly use another language.

In a previous life I worked at Sense, the National Deafblind Charity and worked with colleagues who communicated with BSL so I started learning it. I loved trying (which is the operative word here) to learn it and loved that every week I was better able to communicate with my colleagues, whilst learning a new skill. Unfortunately moving to Bristol and changing jobs meant I never even made it to my level 1 exam and I rubbishely never picked up the course when I got here! So I can only partly use another language.

2. I met my now husband when we were only 14

He was playing hockey and I was watching. We met and agreed to meet up at a party that night, after a few little kisses I text him off my 5110 asking him to be my boyfriend and the rest as they say is history.

3. I didn't pass my driving test first time

Yes I am a member of that club!

4. I will always choose the nutty praline over the soft centre

Why wouldn't you?

5. I am addicted to stationery

My current obsession is Paperchases Paradiso with its vintage styling, birds and flashes of fuschia pink a lot of this will be making its way onto my birthday wish list!