Sunday, 23 June 2013

Instagram Memories #8

I haven't done an Instagram post for SO long and these go back to April I think, which seems like ages ago! One thing I've noticed is that there are a lot of foodie treats in this post, whoops!

 So wrong but so right! // Childish, but these made me laugh // Getting some gardening inspiration in the sun

 Herb crusted cod with chorizo and lentils nom nom // oh go on then! // Current guilty pleasure

Extravagent treat // Total dupe for Clarins *love* // Very talented young netballers

 Lunch in the sun // New furniture calls for a BBQ // I hate opening post!

Saturday, 22 June 2013

Learning something new...

Many moons ago I wrote some 'Goals for 2013'. A few weeks ago I reminded myself of these goals and it seems that I haven't really been paying much attention to them.

I have mentioned that I wanted to do something that I have pinned on Pinterest every 3 months. In order to alleviate the guilt that has built up, I thought I could cheat and just learn something new. 

So I signed myself and the mother (most un-artistic person in the world) up for a Locker-hooking workshop at the Sewing Space in Hythe, Kent. 

It's difficult to describe what locker hooking is, but it is basically the process of hooking strips of fabric through a canvas into a pattern. This is such a cool way of using up second hand fabric and clothes that are no longer for this world, as it is quite fabric heavy. 

I was aiming to create a table mat using a blue colour scheme with orange highlights, but it was a slow process whilst I was learning. The photo above is what I managed to complete in 3 hours, but now that I (kind of) know what I'm doing I don't think it will be quite so time consuming. My plans are to make a large mat for my garden table out of bright fuchsia, orange and yellow fabric but use stripes rather than the rectangles I tried at the workshop. 

Some of the things I've used to inspire me are on my Pinterest board. 

I promise to post my first finished mat, when its done! 

Friday, 21 June 2013

More than a wish list...

I don't just wish I owned these, I want to own these! So cool, pretty and shimmery who wouldn't? These little beauties are the new releases from Bobbi Brown and make up the best part (in my opinion) of the 'Nude & Navy' collection and they have got my heart all of a flutter.

I had promised myself a little spending ban but I am finding these too hard to resist.  

I'm totally sure that I will look like Katie Holmes once I'm finished as well - not!

Thursday, 13 June 2013

My First Mac

When your reading beauty blogs, it is difficult to get away from the obsession with MAC, and so on a quiet Saturday I headed over to Bath and spent the majority of my afternoon swatching away at all the gorgeous lotions and potions!

It is a brand that throughout uni I used to covet, but I had never indulged in, and on this trip I wasn't looking for anything specific, but I knew that I would probably be improving on my lipstick collection (virtually non-existent) and in the back of my head I was already thinking about a rose gold eyeshadow. 

I was originally looking at the more traditional nude shades such as creme cup and nude creme but whilst doing some random tests I was really impressed with Viva Glam 5. The picture above makes it look like a red brown shade, but it is really a sheer natural pink with sparkle running through it, so it is not a block colour. I was so impressed with the pigmentation of this. One swipe gives my lips a natural sheen, and a couple of swipes will give a rich 'night time appropriate' colour. 

My next purchase seems to be something that all 'Mac-onistas' have in their collection "All That Glitters". A very neutral rose gold. I am so totally in love with this eye shadow. A quick swipe will provide a totally day appropriate wash of shimmer on the lids, or it can be built up and used as the base of a bronze smokey eye. This is a shimmery colour, and I think that's a given considering its name, but who doesn't love that occasionally. 

I now spend hours pawning over all the beautiful colours on the Mac counter whenever I get a chance but have yet to indulge in a further eyeshadow purchase at least! 

Do you remember your first Mac?