Monday, 29 July 2013

USA Beauty Haul

It took all of a nano-second after my flight across the Atlantic was booked before I started thinking about what goodies I would be picking up from the US of A! This little lot was all picked up in one glorious 45 minute sweep around ULTA (thanks to my cousin) where I worshipped at the alter of all things beauty. It is the US version of Boots and it was amazing!

In the end I didn't stick to things that were just available in the US and so managed to grab a few bargains. The EOS lip balm was a mere $3.99 when it is £5.00 here and this is the pomegranate flavour. Love love love this and it got a lot of compliments when I whipped it out through out the trip. 

I have been wanting the Urban Decay eyelid primer for a while and so this $12 bargain was never going to be left behind. 

In my head I was after Essie but who can resist a 3 for 2 on OPI especially when they are also $9 a pop! This little collection includes Cajun Shrimp (the red/orange), Mr & Mrs Mimosa (the nude) and finally I'm All Ears (the pink) from the Minnie Mouse collection. I am going to do a separate post on these so that I can show the colours properly. I was so excited about finding these. 

Then there are the L'Oreal purchases. The voluminous carbon black mascara is something I haven't seen in the UK and was recommended by my cousin. This gives some serious length and piled on goes some way to giving the bold lashes that I covet. This has already been re-ordered via the in-laws who are in the States now. 

It was really hard to choose drug store make up over there because there are NO TESTERS! What that is about I do not know and it was very annoying and not something I am used to. As a result I played safe and didn't go too crazy which I think my credit card was happy about. These colour riche balms from L'Oreal give a sheer wash of coral and pink colour which are perfect for me and my phobia of bold lips. 

The photo doesn't show the Real Technique eye and face brush collections that I also managed to sneakily pick up and again they were definitely a little cheaper than here in the UK.

If only the luggage allowance hadn't been so restrictive!

Friday, 26 July 2013

The Dreaded 'D' Word

So life took over, and oh my I've had fun! Looking after myself from a health perspective and following a diet seemed like a thing of the past and something that I didn't have to think about. Well I was wrong! I started to feel a bit low, and not at all happy with how I am looking. Trousers a little tight etc. Seems a few of my work colleagues were feeling the same, and we were all festering in a total lack of motivation. 

Then the light bulb moment struck - It's time to do this together!

So on Thursday lunch times, we trundle up to the city center 'fat club' meeting with "healthy" sandwiches in tow!

As expected the numbers have gone up but so has the motivation, and here is to hoping that only one of those goes down!

Friday, 12 July 2013

Bourjois Bronzing Primer

Do you ever just pop into Boots and then end up with a couple of purchases that were never intended? Yeah that...

I had seen reviews of this on Sunday Girl and Gemsmaquillage as well as a few other blogs and so it wasn't a surprise that this accidentally made its way into my shopping basket and onto my dressing table. I have been coveting the Soleil Tan de Chanel *remembering that 5 lustful minutes in duty free where my head did finally overrule my heart (or my bank account)* and rumours are that this is a pretty could dupe.

This isn't like a cream blush or a mousse like the Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse its more of a whipped cream consistency. It smells of chocolate orange, which was an unexpected surprise and luckily the scent doesn't transfer onto the skin once it has been applied. 

I had anticipated using this as a product to contour on my 'summer' face but I have actually been using this as an all over bronzer. I'm not sure the colour would be right for my skin all year, but right now it is pretty much a good colour booster and isn't looking orange. I've applied using both fingers and a stippling brush and have been happy with both finishes.

This product has currently replaced my trusted and much loved Bobbi bronzer. I don't think this is shimmery at all, but it doesn't provide the same matte finish of the Bobbi. I can use this on top of my Laura Mercier tinted mosituriser and still feel like it is just my skin but better, perfect for lazy summer days and more importantly lazy summer make up!

Have you tried this product or anything else for this range? Do you have any other recommendations for that coveted summer glow?

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Instagram USA

For the month of May (and you'll have to excuse the lateness) my husband and I travelled from Miami to Toronto by plane, train and auto-mobile.  These are some of the photos that I posted on Instagram throughout the trip. I will be posting some more specific lifestyle posts about each part of the trip when all of the photos have been collated and edited. 

Enjoy :-)

A serious car for a serious trip /// Cute detail at the hotel /// Coral accessories and lips

American food /// Gorgeous hubby /// Give me a map and a timetable and I'm all good

A very serious treat /// Corona-rita addiction /// Love these details

American drinks are just amazing /// Grand Central Station /// Dream come true

Becoming addicted to these /// Suburbia /// Italian treat from Mamas

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

A Navy & Nude Make Over

It wasn't too long ago that I was lusting over the Navy & Nude collection, and I took a hop, skip and a jump to my local John Lewis to get my make up needing hands on it. We had to wait a little longer for it to hit the South West, and I had an appointment at Bobbi Brown on the 4th July for a complimentary make over using the palette.

The make up artist and I had a good old gossip about my favourite products, most of which are Bobbi anyway, so it wasn't exactly a difficult conversation, and I left with a wish list as long as my arm and at the top is the corrector and concealer kit.

I was a little disappointed with the make over though as this palette and the look is all about the eyes, and I was expecting more of a dramatic look. I'm prepared to give her the benefit of the doubt, I never said this to the artist, I let her make a decision about the look she would create, and she went for more of a day look. It wasn't too far off though, because I re-created it the next day for work. 

Now onto the products, which surprisingly made it into my bag and into my make up console!

So onto the palette itself...the first thing you notice is that it is a step away from the usual black and white that she uses. This has a navy blue marbling which just makes it a little different (oh the things I put in my head to justify this) and I'm not sure I can remember a time where she has used a different colour.

Another thing I am totally in love with, is the little drawer that pulls out at the bottom to reveal 4 more extra colours, including the navy that this palette revolves around. It screams luxury at every corner, and is just a little feature that clearly makes me happy anyway.

The palette has 8 shades including the vibrant navy, which can be used to create a smokey eye, or as an eye liner. The make up artist used the navy as an eye liner for my make over, and did so by dampening the brush to get the biggest colour pay off. 

Photo from Bobbi Brown website
I love a Bobbi shimmer and the two in this palette, the Beige Shimmer and the Twilight Pink Metallic certainly don't disappoint. They are certainly not over the top, and the Blazing Star Sparkle shadow can be pressed on the top when a little extra sparkle is needed.

Oh yeah and then this happened!

This is the Pink Brightening Brick, another member of the Navy & Nude collection. Made up of 6 different pink squares; 3 matte and 3 shimmer this can be used all over the face and on top of a blush to provide a sweep of highlight across the cheek bone. This doesn't compete with a MAC highlighter or Benefits' High Beam for a full Kardashian like contour, but certainly adds a welcome glow to my complexion.

If you can't tell I am very happy with these recent additions to my make up collection and I implore you to head down to your nearest Bobbi and at least stare at this beautifulness whilst it's still around. The collection is also available to buy online here.