Sunday, 16 September 2012


It is less than a year since the hubby and I brought our first little house together in Bristol. We had the usual initial enthusiastic burst when it came to decorating and then the pot ran dry on both cash and enthusiasm. Life took over and a few things remained unfinished.

Well I am happy to report that the decorators are booked for tomorrow morning and the house will be finished by this time next week. You know what this planning means...lots and lots of looking around for inspiration to design the room. 

This is the best bit!!! 

I have been pinning like crazy on my dream home board on Pinterest, reading lots of home style magazines and catalogues and wandering round all types of shops looking for some design ideas. We don't have the biggest space so it is a balance of getting some great style with also the practicalities of storing all of our stuff and making sure it is well hidden but accessible. 

It is a guest bedroom, and I want to add some hotel style in a relaxing, calm and light room, after all I want my guests to be happy. We have decided on a pale blue colour, with cream accents, something quite neutral that I can add character to with accessories and some styling. 

So below are some of the photos that have inspired my/our future design. 

Hope that you like. 

 Can't wait to show you all the finished product.

Until next time...

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