Tuesday, 23 October 2012


Oh I have seriously been indulging my love of lip glosses recently with a couple of great purchases to add to my collection. The first was models own 'Madame Rose' which I spotted whilst looking for a new nail varnish. I didn't realise that this brand did other make up and I enjoyed having a little play with some of the lip colours on offer.

Reading all of the beauty blogs recently gave me a little bit more of encouragement to try something a little bit brighter than my usual sparkly nude colours. This is definitely not sparkly but it is not as bright as it looks in the tube. In reality it is a nice warm pink colour that is so different to anything I've had in a long time. It has a floral almost 'rose' like flavour and is relatively long lasting for a gloss. I also love love love the chunky see through packaging!

I had a great makeover at Benefit the other week and as well as being colour matched to their foundation and powder I got to have a good goss with the make up artist about some of the new products. I can't wait for the Christmas compacts to come out.
But after the make over I was so tempted with this lovely little number. 'Nudie Tudie' is ... Ah a sparkly nude. It gives a really classy to my everyday work make up which I love as I work in a corporate environment so can't be too over the top.
A really great chunky tube with a brush rather than sponge applicator which gives a lovely thick slick of product so a little will really go a long way. My love of all things benefit continues!
Nudie Tudie on top and Models Own at the bottom!

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