Tuesday, 16 April 2013

An old friend

The YSL touche eclat concealer is an old, but long forgotten friend of mine. I used to purchase this religiously when I was at University (despite thinking I was incredibly poor). But when real life set in, with rent, bills and work I just couldn't afford this any more. I found some great dupes, namely L'oreal and No.7 and these were working just fine, and at a fraction of the cost.

But recently I've had a craving for this product, and when my No.7 ran out, I just went for it. The thing with dupes is that they are generally just not quite as good and long-lasting. I now remember that gorgeous luxurious gold packaging, and the weight of the metal pen, and the little touches such as the beautifully embossed YSL logo on the cap. 

I went for shade 2.5 after being matched by the consultant (the same as when I used to purchase it 5 years ago), this has more pinky undertones because I want to brighten my eye area rather than cover up dark bags. I had forgotten, just how good this is. It totally lifts your face, and provides a great brightening effect without adding sparkle.  It's difficult to describe what it actually does, but it just makes that eye area look better.

I dab on little spots using the brush, and include in that the inner corners of my eye, I then use my ring finger to gentley spread and pat in to the skin to avoid any strenuous pulling of the eye area. The formula is very creamy and so this is easy to do.Bear in mind that a little goes a long way with this. The result is a gorgeous dewy finish, with no creasing in those fine lines that are starting to appear.

A very welcome addition to my ever increasing make up collection!

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