Saturday, 22 June 2013

Learning something new...

Many moons ago I wrote some 'Goals for 2013'. A few weeks ago I reminded myself of these goals and it seems that I haven't really been paying much attention to them.

I have mentioned that I wanted to do something that I have pinned on Pinterest every 3 months. In order to alleviate the guilt that has built up, I thought I could cheat and just learn something new. 

So I signed myself and the mother (most un-artistic person in the world) up for a Locker-hooking workshop at the Sewing Space in Hythe, Kent. 

It's difficult to describe what locker hooking is, but it is basically the process of hooking strips of fabric through a canvas into a pattern. This is such a cool way of using up second hand fabric and clothes that are no longer for this world, as it is quite fabric heavy. 

I was aiming to create a table mat using a blue colour scheme with orange highlights, but it was a slow process whilst I was learning. The photo above is what I managed to complete in 3 hours, but now that I (kind of) know what I'm doing I don't think it will be quite so time consuming. My plans are to make a large mat for my garden table out of bright fuchsia, orange and yellow fabric but use stripes rather than the rectangles I tried at the workshop. 

Some of the things I've used to inspire me are on my Pinterest board. 

I promise to post my first finished mat, when its done! 

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