Monday, 26 August 2013

Rocking Benefit

Well it didn't take much convincing to add this beauty to my collection as soon as I heard it was a rose gold shimmery shade. I've long been obsessed with anything 'rose gold' and am still on my quest to get the perfect eyeshadow. It is generally more flattering and subtle than a plain gold or silver.

This was hyped and they have done flash sales releasing it on Benefit counters for one day only and then for 3 days only in Debenhams before the full launch which is where I picked this up - with beauty points on top of course.  

Benefit blushers are always of high quality and I already own Coralista, Dandelion and Hoola (if you consider that a blusher). This is different as it has this great design set into the blusher to really show off the products highlighting potential.

What you get is a warm shimmer that is perfectly buildable to give you the level of intensity that you want. It is shimmery and so you can skip the highlighter for a perfectly acceptable day time look. It has that beautiful floral scent that I associate with the Benefit box blusher collection.

The only negative is that as soon as you use it the 3D pattern starts to break down taking it from pristine to well loved in a couple of days. 

If I'm honest this isn't going to replace Coralista as the best Benefit blusher but it certainly comes a close second.

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