Sunday, 12 January 2014

What's In My Bag: The Cambridge Satchel Edition

The Cambridge Satchel is the new addition to my weekend wardrobe as I have been looking for something a little smaller and more casual than the Michael Kors suitcase that I lug around during the week. It took a little while to arrive but I am thrilled with my choice and have fallen instantly in love with the gorgeous colour, practical size and the quality of the bag.

This is the 13" Cambridge Blue satchel. 

It's not the most roomy of bags which means decanting and downsizing for those laid back weekend days where minimal make up and fuss are a must!

So the essentials that I carry around with me are:
  • iPhone 5 in white with Accessorize case
  • Ted Baker Elonka Wallet in gun metal.  I managed to pick this up in the sales after my last Ted Baker wallet gave up after 8 hard wearing years. It is large so takes up a lot of room in the bag but I can't be faffing with a separate wallet for weekends as well! Plus it's silver and shiny *heart eyed emoticon*. 
  • Teal notebook from Paperchase. God knows I do not need another notebook but this is a handy size, a pretty colour and was in the sale.  This lets me jot down any little random thoughts that I think deserve pen and paper rather than a digital life. 
  • Ray Ban sunglasses because I am the eternal optimist that the sun might just come out!
As it is the weekend I try to wear a slightly paired back make up look. This little silver bag from a Xmas hair gift set a number of years ago gets a de-clutter to face the weekend. No where near full on a Saturday and Sunday it squashes down to fit in the bag before being ceremoniously refilled on a Sunday night before the Monday morning commute / train make up scenario happens again.

 My weekend essentials include:
  • Mini Hairbrush for on the go grooming
  • Hair band and grips
  • Hand Sanitiser
  • L'Occatine hand cream
  • Nivea Hydra Care Lip Balm - I brought this after watching this Lisa Eldridge beauty solutions video
  • Benefit lip gloss in 'nudie-tude'
  • Rimmel mositure renew lipstick in 'To Nude Or Not To Nude'
  • KIKO natural concealer in shade 2
  • Calvin Klein Euphoria roller ball perfume
As I said I like to keep the weekend edit as minimal as possible but I am still covered for almost all eventualities with this selection whether it be a trip to the cinema, meeting friends for coffee or shopping. 

I love reading 'What's in my bag posts' so please link yours in the comments below so that I can have a good nose and I will also plan a week day edition. 


  1. This bag looks like a great school bag. I've been wearing a backpack forever and I think its time for an upgrade!

    1. Kasey

      Thanks for the comment. I really love this bag and get loads of compliments about it. Couldn't recommend it highly enough although it is compact so you might find it difficult for school.