Saturday, 12 April 2014

My First Lush

I am afraid I have been one of those people that has shyed away from the strong smelling shop Lush. Having suffered with Eczema my whole life, I tend to stay clear of anything overly scented or soapy that might irritate my skin and whilst I was familiar with the ethos of the company, using natural products, the powerful smells had put me off.

However, I ventured in to buy my best friend a couple of luxurious bathing products for her birthday and I'm afraid that I was too tempted. Perhaps I was suckered in by the incredibly helpful staff member who talked me through some of the options and somewhat convinced me that despite the strong smells I shouldn't have any problem with some of the bath bombs / bubble bars and my eczema. 

I picked up...

The Butterball - Bath Bomb

This was the first thing recommended as it is designed with those of us with sensitive skin in mind. Gently fragranced with ylang ylang and coco butter, once broken down this leaves the water milky and with nothing more than a clean 'fresh' scent. 

One of the first things I noticed was that this really fizzed and totally broke down in the water. Great as I used to hate the 'cheaper' bath bombs and the hard sections you would find undissolved at the bottom upon plonking yourself in the steaming water. 

The butterball leaves a film of oil from the coco butter on the surface of the water which left my skin feeling really soft and moisturised after I dried off...even my husband noticed!

The Comforter Bubble Bar

There is simply nothing more relaxing than a warm bubble bath and I could not resist the AMAZING smelling Comforter bubble bar.   Without a doubt my favourite of the pack on smell alone and the cute pink bath water also helped!

Karma Bubble Bar

After spending a small fortune on presents and myself I was really pleased when I got home and found a min karma bubble bar in my bag which the shop assistant had given me as a free sample. She had mentioned that this 'scent' is the signature for Lush. It is lovely but in my opinion is far surpassed by the smell of the The Comforter. 

I crumbled half of this into a bath and was thrilled at the pale orange bath water and the lashings of foamy bubbles that really did last.  

My eczema has come up on my arms but I tried these whilst staying in a hotel which means it is not really a fair test.  I find that very often when staying away from home I will have a small reaction due to the detergents used to wash the bedding. 

As far as I am concerned these are now staple bath products and when I'm willing to treat myself to a bath it will be one of these that is joining me.

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