Monday, 20 August 2012

My Favourite ... Fragrance

"A woman's perfume tells more about her than her handwriting" - Christian Dior

My fragrance and I met thorugh an old housemate. Calvin Klein Euphoria was on her dressing table and whenever she wore it I always thought it smelt beautiful. After the housemate and I went our seperate ways, I went and brought some of my own (I thought it was a bit wierd to buy it before that point) and therefore my relationship with this fragrance has lasted longer than with the ex-housemate and now ex-friend (a story for another time) and I hope our special relationship will continue for many years to come!

In a typical Calvin Klein style the bottle is relatively simple with no fussy bottle top or bright colours. A modern and simple cuved shaped with a metallic silver front, back and cap, the side are glass which beautifully show off the deep lilac colour of the fragrance. An understated addition to my beauty shelf! I love the minimal flash of colour, and it is actually one of the colours I used as inspiration when decorating our master bedroom. 

I am not a huge fan of light or flowery scents and this is neither of those things. It is quite strong, and actually a little masculine when you get the intial smell, and I love it!

The fragrance experts tell me that it has top notes of pomegranate and a heart of black orchid with woody undertones that make it a relatively musky smell with the masculine edige that I have mentioned. 

This is definitely an unforgettable fragrance, and I can always tell when other people are wearing it as they walk past me. It has it's place on long balmy summer nights and is strong enough for the winter months when you might like something with a little more depth. 

My little 30ml bottle was down to its last few spritzes and I decided to treat myself to another bottle as I can't wait until the usual birthday/christmas haul. 

I've used Fragrance Direct a few times and have always been impressed with the good prices (this is still one of the cheapest prices for this fragrance that I have found) and very quick delivery. I ordered this on Thursday lunchtime, paying for standard delivery and it arrived on Friday morning. To boot, I got 7% cashback by accessing the site via Quidco (a whole other post). 

So next time our out shopping go and have a little sniff and tell me what you think. Link to your blog and let me know what your favourite fragrance is?

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