Wednesday, 22 August 2012

The 5 things I hate most about dieting!

1. Food guilt

That cheeky hot choc from Starbucks (other overly expensive, ponsey coffee shops are available), that reduced cake in Tesco, or even a Friday night takeaway. There will come a point after you've thoroughly enjoyed devouring every last morsel when the food guilt will set in. This is the point when you will start to feel low, disappointed in yourself and usually bloated!  All of a sudden that satisfaction you had previously obtained has dissipated in a single second and you have to look for your next happy fix….

2. Food food everywhere and not a drop to eat

All of a sudden you think, sleep and dream of food. It is everywhere, flashing up on your internet home page, adverts on the side of a bus and that Express supermarket that you could previously walk pass without as much of a sideway glance is suddenly giving you a large fluorescent light smile and talking to you "look at all the lovely goodies I have in here for you"! Everything becomes a mission; retail therapy, a weekend away and a Sunday lunch with the family becomes a minefield of shoulds and most importantly 'should nots'. 

3. Skinny girls

Not only is there food everywhere you look, but you only have to turn your head to see a skinny. You start to compare yourself to them and feel you are being judged by them and you think to yourself "B***h, why does she get to look like that and God has dealt me this hand…not fair!" The worst type of skinny girl is most definitely the gym bunny. They are disgustingly toned, wear make up at the gym (I mean what is that about) and they will always stand at the front of the class, showing off their enviably pert bottom, while you flail around looking like a large sweaty hippo at the back. After class you will over hear saying how they feel awful they ate 6 extra grapes at breakfast this morning, so they might head to the cross trainer. You think…T**T!

4. Exercise

I like my sofa, actually that is an understatement I love my sofa. On the other hand I do like playing netball and I do like gym classes like Zumba and Body Combat. But the thing with dieting is the rule that you also have to exercise. It is drummed into you from day 1, eat less, exercise more and you will lose weight. Nothing wants me to curl up in my slanket with 10 re-runs of Come Dine With Me more than having to get up, put on lycra and
stand in front of mirrors, jump around and get sweaty!

5. Failure

So far I have never succeeded at a diet and this is an unusual trait for me to recognise. I usually succeed, I have a good academic career, a career, and to be honest I do usually get what I want. However, I have been 'dieting' since I was 20 years old, and I am now 25 but I have put on weight every year. I start in earnest as we all do, not always in January but I become the perfect WW or Slimming World participant or Slim Faster but eventually it fizzles out and I don't make goal. I've never really reflected on my failure, but probably because I always find a way of justifying it to myself and those closest to me, that is "well its just not my priority at the moment, I'm focusing on wedding/house/career/getting to world 8 on Super Mario/watching The Hills" or whatever BS I can think of at the time. The truth of the matter is I hate failure in whatever guise it comes in, but so far failure has always been part of my dieting experience and I don't like it.


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  2. Hi Katie, thanks for popping over and visiting my blog :)
    I find that the best way to keep off or lose weight is to not actually diet but to change the way you eat permanently. That way it doesn't have to mean no chocolate or other foods you enjoy. You just eat healthily most of the time but still allow yourself the odd treat. Whenever I've wanted to lose a bit of weight I've still allowed myself a couple of squares of chocolate at the end of every day as that way I don't feel deprived and fall of the wagon. It's sort of like a treat for sticking to the healthy plan for the rest of the day and there are not many calories in a couple of squares really.
    I also swear by drinking gallons of green tea, and adding spice to food where possible as both speed up your metabolism :)
    Not sure if any of this is of any help but just thought I'd leave you my tuppence worth, this post really made me laugh - especially the bit about the gym bunnies as it's so true, haha.
    Mel x