Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Bobbi Brown Powder & Bronzer

I actually originally purchased these 2 products as part of my wedding make up package back in 2011 and have continued to repurchase them as once again Bobbi has come up trumps and I haven't found any others, cheaper or otherwise that do quite the same job.

The packaging is typical of Bobbi Brown, high black gloss with the white logo across the front. As always very sophisticated, and appropriate for a high end brand. There is a mirror in each of the compacts, which fill the whole lid making touch ups on the go much easier.

Pressed Powder

The make up artist recommended to me shade number 1 which is called 'Pale Yellow'. Ummm not actually a shade I would actually have picked up myself, but I was reassured that this is a mattifying powder, not a powder to add colour. It does exactly what it says on the tin. A small amount of this swept in small circular motions around my face sets my foundation and gets rid of any unwanted shine on my nose and forehead. It doesn't taint the colour of my foundation at all, it is like it is colourless and it is certainly does not leave you with that cakey look you can often get, particularly around spots or on dry patches when using pressed powders. I wouldn't say that it is overly matte, and if used sparingly I am still able to maintain a level of dewyness if that is the look I am going for (which I am usually).

Bronzing Powder

Bobbi Brown has 2 Bronzers within the range, one has a gold glitter sparkle running through it, and the other is a matte. As I originally purchased this for my wedding, I went with the matte and this actually means I am also able to use it more regularly in my everyday make up. Shimmery, glitter face is not really appropriate for a corporate law firm. This is very pigmented so I literally need a small amount on my Bobbi Brown Bronzer brush to give gentle colour on my forehead, t zone and then cheeks. It is also great for building up slightly to contour on the cheeks. I have also been known in the colder months to not use all over my face but as a blusher to add a bit of warmth to my face, and then dab a little bit of golden highlighter over the top for something a little more subtle.

I am thinking that a Bronzer with a slight shimmer may well have a little place in my make up drawer though...

Both of these products last a really long time.. I originally brought them a month before my wedding, so April 2011 and only replaced these in October 2012. You really have to use so little, depending on the look your going for as the powder is so fine and used for controlling shine rather than adding colour and the Bronzer is highly pigmented so to avoid looking TOWIE-esque you just need a fine sweep.

The only thing that could make these products better, is if you only had to buy the compact the first time around (a bit like the personal compacts you can buy and make at Bobbi), and then you could simply buy re-fills as sometimes it does feel rather wasteful throwing away the compacts when the make up is finished.

Another Bobbi Brown winner for me.


  1. I keep wanting to try a Bobbi brown bronzer, think I might invest for the summer. x

  2. I used to use Pale Yellow in the BB pressed powder religiously but the one I have found that has definitely surpassed it, is Rimmel's Stay Matte :) | I'm Having A Celine Giveaway

  3. Great post! - I love Yellow shades because they help combat redness and uneven skin tones

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