Sunday, 24 March 2013

*Nars Dupe* KIKO Blusher

This was a purchase from months ago, after my first visit to Westfield in Stratford and my total make up freak out when I found KIKO - that shop is totally amazing!

I indulged in some nail items and skin care, but this is one of the stand out products, mainly because I could not believe my little green eyes when I realised how closely it resembled Nars Orgasm blusher. 

First the packaging. It is in the Nars style rubber like packaging with KIKO in emblazoned on the front in white. The only thing with this material, and just like Nars is that it shows up all of the marks. It is also a much smaller compact, with a full lid size mirror in the top, perfect for on the go applications.

The colour is apparently Golden Peach (it just gives a number on the packaging) but I think it is definitely more pink, with those golden flecked undertones that make the Nars equivalent so coveted. A quick sweep, gives a light flush, but it definitely builds nicely into something more vibrant if that is your thing. It's not quite as smooth to apply and isn't quite as long lasting as the Nars product, but for almost £20 more for the 'designer' version that would be expected, and this isn't really a negative for the product. I totally love this and would definitely treat myself to some more KIKO products if I'm ever lucky enough to be in Stratford again.

The blushers can be brought from KIKO online for £7.50 which I think is a totally bargain price. 

Have you found any Nars Dupes recently?

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