Tuesday, 9 July 2013

A Navy & Nude Make Over

It wasn't too long ago that I was lusting over the Navy & Nude collection, and I took a hop, skip and a jump to my local John Lewis to get my make up needing hands on it. We had to wait a little longer for it to hit the South West, and I had an appointment at Bobbi Brown on the 4th July for a complimentary make over using the palette.

The make up artist and I had a good old gossip about my favourite products, most of which are Bobbi anyway, so it wasn't exactly a difficult conversation, and I left with a wish list as long as my arm and at the top is the corrector and concealer kit.

I was a little disappointed with the make over though as this palette and the look is all about the eyes, and I was expecting more of a dramatic look. I'm prepared to give her the benefit of the doubt, I never said this to the artist, I let her make a decision about the look she would create, and she went for more of a day look. It wasn't too far off though, because I re-created it the next day for work. 

Now onto the products, which surprisingly made it into my bag and into my make up console!

So onto the palette itself...the first thing you notice is that it is a step away from the usual black and white that she uses. This has a navy blue marbling which just makes it a little different (oh the things I put in my head to justify this) and I'm not sure I can remember a time where she has used a different colour.

Another thing I am totally in love with, is the little drawer that pulls out at the bottom to reveal 4 more extra colours, including the navy that this palette revolves around. It screams luxury at every corner, and is just a little feature that clearly makes me happy anyway.

The palette has 8 shades including the vibrant navy, which can be used to create a smokey eye, or as an eye liner. The make up artist used the navy as an eye liner for my make over, and did so by dampening the brush to get the biggest colour pay off. 

Photo from Bobbi Brown website
I love a Bobbi shimmer and the two in this palette, the Beige Shimmer and the Twilight Pink Metallic certainly don't disappoint. They are certainly not over the top, and the Blazing Star Sparkle shadow can be pressed on the top when a little extra sparkle is needed.

Oh yeah and then this happened!

This is the Pink Brightening Brick, another member of the Navy & Nude collection. Made up of 6 different pink squares; 3 matte and 3 shimmer this can be used all over the face and on top of a blush to provide a sweep of highlight across the cheek bone. This doesn't compete with a MAC highlighter or Benefits' High Beam for a full Kardashian like contour, but certainly adds a welcome glow to my complexion.

If you can't tell I am very happy with these recent additions to my make up collection and I implore you to head down to your nearest Bobbi and at least stare at this beautifulness whilst it's still around. The collection is also available to buy online here.

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