Wednesday, 23 January 2013

ESPA Spa Hydrating Body Wrap

On a very snowy (but seemingly always football full Saturday) I cautiously made my way to the spa at my gym for a little mid-January treat, that I cleverly booked late last year. I opted for the hydrating wrap as I know how much my skin struggles in the colder months, and thought that it might need a boost!
After stripping down to some rather flattering paper knickers the therapist used a body brush up my legs, arms, over my back and belly always stroking towards the heart. This is to get rid of the dead skin and get everything moving in the right direction. She then used the ESPA 'Exfoliating Body Polish' all over. This is a rich chestnut coloured exfoliator that smells refreshingly of spearmint and gives you that tingly sensation that the majority of minty products have. The therapist then left the room and let me shower it off. At this point my skin already felt smoother than it has in such a long time.
At this point the treatment got serious, and I was lathered in marine mud, then wrapped in tin foil and blankets. Whilst all snugly and warm, and the mud mask setting, the therapist started a wonderful scalp massage with the ESPA pink hair and scalp mud. This is a red clay cream with watercress extract and apricot kernel oil. It was so nourishing and the massage was so so good. My therapist asked if I could keep it on for a little while after the treatment to let it keep doing its magic, so I didn't return home looking my most glamourous but when I did shower it off later that day my hair felt so good!
I was all warm and relaxed and unfortunately had to be unwrapped, and get back in the shower to wash all the mud off. It was seriously smelly!!! The final stage was to be covered top to toe in the deeply nourishing body cream. Perfection!
I took a couple of photos of the products that they used, but apologies they were on my iPhone in a dimly lit room but the packaging of the products is so nice and I can't tell you how difficult it was not to play with all the products on the table when they were staring at me and all looking so pretty!!
It wasn't necessarily the most relaxing treatment as your up and down showering but the products used were so luxurious and my skin still feels amazing. I'm trying hard to maintain and build on what good my wonderful therapist had put in.
I love spa treatments and am now going to cash in the spa day that the husband brought me for my birthday.


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