Monday, 21 January 2013

I *heart* this make up look

For Christmas I brought myself a subscription to the electronic version of Glamour magazine, so that I can read it on my iPad, and not have 100's of magazines forever taking up space in our little house.

Anyway, I was as usual poring over the much too small beauty section (although Alessandra Steinher is without doubt my most favourite beauty editor ever!) and saw this very statement look. I wanted to share it here because I love love love it!!!!

Look at the beautiful glowy skin something I would probably spend pounds and pounds trying to re-create, and it clearly shows the benefits of contoring.

But obviously the statement eye - oh my it's amazing. I have never done a navy eye, or anything as heavy as this even in grey's or brown's but I love it and think the whole look is definitely something that could be re-created at home, and would look amazing on someone with a dark brown eye. Also how the pared down neutral lip lets that colour pop on the eye do the talking.

Oh yes, I seriously love this!!!

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